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This page last updated: 02 May 2007

Diagnostic Lab in Backpack

Mission Statement

Doctors in the developing world are faced with the challenge of diagnosing and treating diseases in remote areas with limited access to standard diagnostic assays and medicine. In order to provide better healthcare to patients in remote areas, a diagnostic backpack is needed to be developed. This diagnostic backpack will provide a set of portable treatment and test equipment for physicians. We intend to develop a backpack that would serve in Honduras. The product should be effective in addressing the specific medical needs of the target communities, and should furthermore be inexpensive, portable, straightforward, culturally acceptable and easily replaceable. We aim to complete this project within eight months utilizing a development budget of $4000. A prototype is expected to be completed by the end of 2006. Additionally, a final model should be finished by the end of Spring 2007.

Team Members

Jamie Lai
Junho Lee
Neel Srikishen
Nick Taboada
Po T Wang



Our final prototype has been given to the team from Baylor College of Medicine for use in medical expedition in Honduras.


We appreciate
the funding from:
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Beyond Traditional Border Program
George R Brown School of Engineering
Brown Foundation Teaching Grant
the technical support from:
Dr. Maria Oden, Ph. D.
Dr. Roosevelt Alcorn, M.D.
Yvette Mirabel, Guadalupe Rodriguez, and Rachel Wirgin from Beyond Traditional Border Program
Gwen Hoben, Jim Kretlow, Tim Muldoon, Roman Natoli, and Elizabeth Stephens from MD/PhD Program
Drs. George Parkerson, Fareed Khan, David Hilmers, Stephen Scott from Baylor College of Medicine
the Cain Project